At AST, we believe that London is one of the best places in the world to live in. As a vibrant multi-cultural metropolis, it has a huge number of amazing places to eat and take in entertainment, fantastic travel links and, of course, some of the best jobs on Earth.

Personal Safety & Security Tips

Any city has its problems though, and sadly London is no exception. Street crime and break-ins are still a persistent problem, but we’re hoping the 10 safety and security tips we’re sharing in this blog will give you something to think about and keep you safe in our wonderful city.

1. Walk Around In Well-lit Areas

CCTV covers most of London so ensure you can be seen to keep safe.

2. Let A Friend Know Where You’re Going

It’s always worth sharing your whereabouts with a friend, especially if you’re going somewhere new or with a new person.

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3. Meet New People In a Public Place

We all meet people online these days, so it’s best to ensure that your real-life meeting is in a public crowded place.

4. Sit With or Hold Your Bag in Front of You on The Tube

Put your bag on your knee or hold it in front of you to keep it away from pickpockets.

5. Keep Expensive Possessions Well-Hidden

Flashing your latest phone or gadget makes you a target for thieves.

6. Don’t Get Your Keys Out Too Soon (or Too Late)

Don’t make it obvious which is your house key or card, but equally, don’t spend a long time searching for them in your bag.

7. Attach Your Keys Inside Your Bag

Most bags come with an internal latching system — use it for peace of mind.

8. Install Personal Security Systems

Camera, motion detectors and the like can make you feel safer and increase the security of your home.

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9. Consider Door Upgrades

In neighbourhoods more known for crime, consider a security door upgrade to your house.

10. Never Get Into an Unlicensed Taxi

London black cabs or Ubers are your safest bet. Ensure it’s the taxi you booked or that their license is very clear. If in doubt, get out.

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