In the blink of an iPhone LED we’re facing the end of February 2018, as daylight waits for no man in it’s constant march towards a destination unknown. Another constant is the anti-social behaviour that comes part and parcel with operating a London business or calling a housing estate home. Therefore, we’re taking a brief look at four 2018 security resolutions you can make – and keep – for a safer year to follow:

Practice Improved Vigilance

2018 Security – CCTV Cameras Black and White

Improved security starts with improved vigilance, but how are you possibly expected to keep an eye on your property when you’re not there? The answer is a CCTV security camera system – and the benefits are plenty. We found five of these and developed an article around CCTV systems called 5 security benefits of CCTV camera systems. So, as your first 2018 security resolution, consider getting eyes on your business or residence with a CCTV security camera system.

Get Your Message Across

2018 Security – Digital Notice Board

Tired of antisocial vandals wreaking havoc on your outdoor notice boards? Perhaps they’re taking things one step further and stealing the notice board itself? Notice boards are essential in both business and residential environments, as they allow people to disseminate information to the community at large easily. Consider deploying digital notice boards as your second 2018 security resolution. They’re vandal-resistant, and look much better than their unsightly paper-based predecessors.

Know Who’s Coming and Going

2018 Security – Red No Access Sign on Outdoor Gate

There are a few elements making up the broad security field of access control. Essentially, access control are the steps taken by an establishment to ensure they are kept abreast of who’s coming and going, as well as the allowing or denying of access to the property. A CCTV camera system is the identification tool, while security solutions like automated barriers and door entry systems are physical access control measures. Know who’s coming and going this year with iron-clad access control solutions!

Bring It All Together

2018 Security – Vector Electronic Devices Around Binary Globe

As a final 2018 security resolution, consider a security solution that integrates all of your business or residential security measures. An example of this type of security integration can be seen in our revolutionary AST London i-Prox Integrated Security System. Conveniently manage your access control, digital notice boards, key safes, and more from one central location. To find out more, see our blog article titled our i-Prox integrated security system.