Apartment buildings and flats face several security challenges. Making large buildings secure can be a serious challenge for building managers, but there are many solutions to boost large building security. At AST, we specialise in security solutions for a wide range of environments, including large buildings like apartments and flats.

Make Your Large Building Secure: 3 Security Mistakes to Avoid

Below are three common security challenges in large apartment buildings and flats. You should be aware of these potential problems and take steps to keep your valuables safe. You can visit our blog page for more information on how to improve your large building security.

1. Ease of Access

One of the biggest security challenges in large buildings is that intruders may be able to gain access to the building and communal areas. One of the easiest ways to limit access to the building is by installing an access control system. This will enable the building manager to control who enters the building and increase the large building security.

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2. Lighting

Apartment blocks often have dark corridors and corners where people can lurk unsuspected. For security reasons, it is essential to install good lighting in areas such as hallways, parking areas, stairwells, and laundry areas.

3. Entranceways

Apartments and flats should be fitted with quality locking systems to help keep them secure from intruders. Additional security features such as CCTV cameras can be installed to improve security and keep your valuables safe. One of the major security mistakes to avoid in flats and apartments is leaving your front door unlocked. You should always lock your front door, even if you are just going to take your rubbish out or use the on-site laundry facilities.

Improve Your Large Building Security With AST

Get in touch today to discuss ways to improve your large building security. Our friendly customer service advisors would be happy to discuss your requirements and guide you through the different security options that we have available.

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