Are you making common warehouse security mistakes that are risking your business’s security? It is very possible. However, don’t worry. Here at AST, we specialise in helping companies secure their premises so that everyone is safer.

Avoid Warehouse Errors and Protect Assets

We’ve been helping businesses stay safe and secure for many decades through our use of industry-leading premises security systems. We’ve also  learnt a thing or two about warehouses and what mistakes to avoid. Here are three of the most common warehouse mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Not Doing Stocktake or Keeping Inventory

Holding enough stock and inventory is a great way to ensure your customers’ requirements are always met promptly, but it is important to always know how much stock you have through regular stocktake. By falling to keep track of stock, theft is much more tempting for employees who know what a few missing items will not be accounted for.

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2. Not Knowing Who Goes Where

Allowing all employees to have free range around the warehouse is asking for problems to arise, such as theft. Access control systems are an easy way to keep certain employees restricted to certain areas and avoid unnecessary people lurking in areas where they are not meant to be.


This is a ‘must’ for any warehouse as it can save you a lot of time and energy getting to the bottom of a variety of scenarios. Having high quality CCTV cameras will allow management to keep an eye on any misconduct in the warehouse and refer back to footage is necessary.

Stay Secure With AST

Call our friendly team today and speak through the options we have for you if you’re looking for a better way to keep your warehouse or business premises secure.

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