Securing your entrances is business security 101. The good news is there are four entrance protection options to help you improve your entrance security in just a few easy steps. From offices to storefronts, these top security solutions from AST London will help you prevent unauthorized access and vandalism all at once.

Importance of Entrance Protection

We here at AST London take security solutions very seriously, which is why we offer many top tips in our security blog. To start improving your business’ own security, however, it’s best to start with these top four entrance protection methods:

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The 4 Types of Entrance Security

There are four main types of entrance security. Securing your business helps reduce risk and can even improve the confidence and productivity of your teams.

1. Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems are an essential setup for offices and buildings. They work to keep the public out while allowing authorized personnel in. A proper door entry system can even be set up to log who comes in, especially if you tie it in with your CCTV.

2. Automated Gates

If your business has its own grounds protect them from unauthorized access with automated gates. These gates can be linked to an intercom system or accessed with a keypad or swipe access.

3. Roller Gates

Roller shutters are a must for storefronts. There are many benefits of roller shutters, but in general, they’re a great way to protect glass storefronts from vandalism. They can even be painted after installation to continue advertising your business even after it’s shut.


CCTV is an essential component of entrance security. Modern systems can link door security up with CCTV so that your security team can open doors and gates without having to go and check physically.

Enhance Entrance Security in Your Business Today with AST London

Your business’ entrance is the first line of defence. To do it right and to follow up with other essential business security updates, get in touch with our AST London team.

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