How can you stop criminals from preying on your housing association homes? From installing CCTV in the right places, investing in heavy-duty doors, to using access control systems, keep reading to discover how you can help prevent a home invasion and improve the security of your homes.

Preventing A Home Invasion

Although no-one likes to think about their home being invaded, the sad fact is that it does happen, and the ramifications can be completely life-destroying for the residents in question. Fortunately, when it comes to preventing a home invasion and enhancing the home security of your properties, there are only four simple steps that you need to take.

Home Security Tip 1: Install CCTV

Arguably the most effective deterrent that there is, CCTV cameras have the ability to not only catch thieves in action but also deter them actively from targeting your property in the first place. In fact, experts believe that as much as 67% of domestic burglaries could be prevented if people had effective CCTV monitoring.

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Home Security Tip 2: Invest In Heavy-Duty Doors

When it comes to home invasion, you will be surprised at just how many thieves and vandals choose the front door as their go-to point of entry. This is especially true for homes that have inferior, old, or damaged front doors.
To avoid your homes from being targeted, invest in strong, heavy-duty doors that will instantly deter thieves.

Home Security Tip 3: Use Access Control

On its simplest level, access controls allow you to control who enters a location and when. Ideal for shared buildings, the right electronic access control system can avoid all the downsides of using a mechanical key, including the potential loss of keys and no audit trail of who has entered the building.

Home Security Tip 4: Ensure Adequate Lighting

A building that is shrouded in darkness is a much more attractive prospect than one that is lit up. Therefore, when it comes to preventing home invasion, one of the simplest actions you can take is to install lighting all around your buildings.

Prevent Home Invasion With Security Solutions From AST London

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