As the world is becoming increasingly digitalised, switching to a digital noticeboard in your residential building can save you time and money while granting the utmost convenience – both to you and your residents.

These digital communicative inventions are an extremely effective way to get messages to residents – and with them being so modifiable at the drop of a hat, it’s no wonder they’re now a prominent feature in modern residential establishments.

With this in mind, feast your eyes upon our handy guide from our AST London geniuses – we’ve got some constructive ideas on how you can use these innovative tools in your building. Plus, don’t forget to check out our blog to get more security tips for residential and commercial properties!

Getting the Most Out of a Digital Noticeboard

Thanks to its  vandal-resistant nature, modifiability and ease of use, installing a digital noticeboard is an excellent way to increase residential building safety as well as improve communication, residents’ well-being, and overall community spirit – and the following points back up this claim in full:

1. Communicate Information

A digital noticeboard is perfect for disseminating information to the people living in your building. Whether you need to inform residents of scheduled maintenance work to the lift or a policy change in receiving parcels, you can do so quickly and efficiently – whatever the case may be.

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2. Promote Events

Perhaps there’s a board meeting coming up that residents might wish to contribute to or another local event taking place that may be of interest. If so, you can use a digital noticeboard to spread the word to everyone in your building in an unobtrusive manner.

3. Issue Security Warnings

A digital noticeboard can play a key role in residential building safety by displaying important security warnings. For instance, you might need to tell residents about suspicious activity in the local area or any updated security measures you’re putting in place.

4. Brighten Residents’ Day

You can have some fun with your digital noticeboard too! If you don’t have an informative message to display, consider using it to put a smile on people’s faces with something cute, funny, or inspirational instead.

Go Digital with AST London

To find out more about how a digital noticeboard could improve your residential building safety, get in touch with our friendly team at AST London today. We’ll be more than happy to help you embrace this innovative technology on your property!

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