Here at AST London, we are passionate about security and securing your property and valuables. We understand that you’ve worked hard for your property, and so you expect it to be protected, whether that’s your home or your business premises.

The Benefits Of An Access Control System

One of the best security installations we recommend to businesses and multi-occupancy buildings is a Door Entry and Access Control system integrated with security gates or doors. At AST, we have built a reputation as specialists in securing buildings and have helped all kinds of Housing Associations and businesses to become more secure as a result of installing the right security, which you can read about on our blog.

Due to our extensive experience across the security sphere, we’ve been able to record some great benefits from the real-world usage of our clients and customers. Here are our top five.

Benefit #1: You Control Who Can Enter

The obvious benefit for all entry systems is controlling who can enter (and, in some cases, who can leave). This is particularly important for communal living buildings, such as blocks of flats, or for schools that need to keep pupils in and strangers out.

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Benefit #2: Protecting Property

When you have an access system installed, the protection of your property automatically increases. Many customers see the difference in their insurance premiums as a big benefit, but the main benefit is knowing exactly who is and is not allowed to enter your property.

Benefit #3: Protecting Important People

Securing your building if you are hosting important people is absolutely vital. You’ll need to ensure that they feel safe enough to relax and that you can communicate your security with their own security detail.

Whether it’s temporary access control, or you would prefer something more permanent (for example, if you are an embassy or a building that hosts dignitaries regularly), we have a solution that will suit you. It will keep your special visitors safe from unwelcome visitors.

Benefit #4: Special Event Security

Many customers who are hosting special events, such as conventions, conferences, or business meetings, decide they want to invest in proper access control. This is to be sure that the people who are entering the special event are those who are allowed to enter and to keep out those who are not.

We’ve found that this is an important benefit for both attendees and those invited to be part of the event, such as speakers and traders, as it allows a level of privacy that wouldn’t be possible at an event where there were no access controls.

Benefit #5: Social Distancing Limits

One of the biggest benefits of a temporary automated access system we’ve seen recently is the ability to help with social distancing inside public spaces.

The guidance on limits is changing all the time, which is why we have the ability to make our access systems as flexible as possible to cope with the ever-changing situation we find ourselves in. Combining an access system with a digital notice board can provide people attempting to enter your building with up to date information without the need for surfaces to be touched by staff.

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