When it comes to security, whether that’s of your business premises or residential property, it’s essential to ensure no unwanted individual gains access. When you are a busy business with a large premises and lots of employees, it can become even more difficult to control who comes and goes if you don’t have a secure door entry system. There are many different types of entry systems you can explore to find one that works for you.

5 Different Types of Door Entry Systems for Your Security

To find an entry solution that works for you and the way your business operates, here are 5 different options you can explore.

Our blog page also discusses further security tips to secure your property.

1. Audio Door Entry Systems

Before a person can gain entry, they need to speak to a relevant person using an audio entry system. This relies on audio rather than video and can be a great option for small premises with a close-knit team who only need to speak to each other to verify their identity. Further verification may be needed for extremely busy businesses with high volumes of foot traffic, such as video.

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2. Video Door Entry Systems

Video entry systems can be a step up from audio, as they provide a more thorough visual of the person wanting to gain access. This system can be a great fit for those premises that can take advantage of a video intercom system and can supply a video feed to different areas of the property. This does require human verification to assess the visitor.

3. Keypad Entry Systems

This system relies on codes or passwords to gain entry to a property. This requires the visitor to both know and key in the passcode into the system provided. The system can then authorize or deny access. This is a great option for organisations that would like an automated system to take care of access security.

4. Proximity Reader Systems

If your commercial property operates through ID tags or other identity-based tags, this type of door entry system can be a good option. It allows the visitors to gain access by swiping their card or using a sensor on any ID tag to unlock the door. This means anyone without a relevant ID tag cannot gain access. This type of system can make use of photo ID, too.

5. Biometric Entry Systems

This type of system is based on the biological reading of a person wanting to gain access. It can depend on fingerprints or retinal scans to ensure that the person has permission to enter the building. This can be one of the most expensive systems to install but can be a good option for restricted areas which require more specific control of entry.

Choose an Effective Door Entry System with AST Security

We always work with our clients to find the best security systems for them, which includes the wide range of door entry systems you can choose from.

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