Paper is a thing of the past, but information and communication have never been bigger. Updating your business to use digital tools first can mean more than just saving on print and ink. It can help you to communicate to your staff more effectively – and that includes in-office. Forget emails and personal messages. When you have a building-wide message to get out, use a digital notice board from AST London.

When it comes to any update, however, you always want to get the most value for money, so we’ve put together a guide on the top five innovative ways you can use your digital notice board, starting today.

5 Clever Ways to Use Your Digital Notice Board

There are so many great ways to use a digital notice board. They can boost company culture, help visitors find their way around, and even be an important element to your business’ security. We’re all about security solutions, so to improve your business, head over to our blog for the latest tips and guides.

As for your digital notice board, get more out of your investment today by using it in these top five innovative ways:

1. Issue Security Warnings

Security is paramount for any business, so one of the first ways you should use your digital notice boards is to issue security warnings. These can be as simple as informing employees on the next fire drill or issuing evacuation notices. You could, for example, have the digital notice boards inform employees and guests on each floor where their nearest emergency exit is.

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2. Offer Directory Information

Help visitors and delivery personnel find exactly where they’re going with directory information. This can be a flash card informing guests of the floor they’re on, the teams/departments on that floor, and so on.

3. Promote Activities and Events

Boost company culture and make it easy for all employees to remember and know of all the team-building and company-wide events and activities you have planned by updating notices on your digital notice board.

4. Pass On Important Information

Launching a security awareness campaign? Do it with your digital notice board. Passing important information in bite sizes is a great way to ensure your employees regularly see and absorb that information.

5. Showcase Your Brand’s Values

Another great way to improve your company culture is to use your digital notice boards to showcase your brand’s values. This can be done by highlighting the top talent and recognizing achievements.

Say Goodbye to Old Notice Boards and Hello to Digital with AST London

With so many excellent ways to use digital notice boards, it’s a no-brainer to make the switch. This is true for small offices, especially for large companies that take up multiple floors. Get in touch with our AST London team today to learn more about digital notice boards and how we can help link them up to the rest of our security solutions.

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