Not everybody has heard of integrated security systems, but they are the best way to effectively manage all of your security features in one easy solution. There are many different ways to do this, but our team here at AST London has developed a unique way for you to have a total technical solution: AST i-Prox.

Integrated Security Solution Facts

Knowing the security requirements that your home or business might need isn’t easy, as you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our integrated solutions can be highly custom, so there is a lot you might want to know about individual features that we answer throughout our blog.

Even Existing Systems Can Be Integrated

AST i-Prox can be integrated with many existing systems that you have already installed. We can take a look at any systems that you might have previously installed and tell you if they are out of date or whether we recommend integrating it with your other security systems for efficient management.

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Integrated Security Solutions Can Read or Write

The communication between integrated security management and the individual components of your whole security system can use remote communication. This means that you can easily update information on the main security control, without any hassle at all. This makes access control fobs, cards, or remote transmitters easy to program remotely – so you can allow and prohibit a person from accessing areas of your business with the click of a button.

Integrated Solutions Use 3G Communication

Even though 5G is making many uses of 3G outdated, 3G communication is still an effective and secure communication vehicle for integrated security systems. It allows the system components to communicate with each other in the cloud. It means that you can update components of your security system instantly, just by using one internet-based portal that we can manage on your behalf.

You Can Review Data Easily

Another great feature of integrated security systems is that you can instantly view activity logs, so you can quickly review your security practices or identify any flaws in your operation after an incident. This means that GSM enabled door entry and access control systems can provide data that can be monitored by your security team (or AST London).

Every Solution Has You at Heart

Whilst AST i-Prox is a flexible solution offered by AST London, we know that every security need is different. That’s why the integrated security systems that we offer can be completely customised for your company or personal needs. We can set up entry systems, remote transmitters, even smart key safes, or we could just help you to manage the existing security systems that you have more effectively.

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