When it comes to security solutions, you have plenty of effective options to choose from. Here at AST London, we highly recommend using automated barriers if you have a premises that can be accessed via car. Read on to find out how they could boost your property’s security.

The Benefits Of Using Automated Barriers

Using automated barriers as part of your security brings many advantages. They are extremely secure and can be integrated with systems such as a wireless intercom and built-in key fob access for maximum convenience. Automated barriers are both reliable and cost-effective, requiring little in the way of maintenance.

Below are five potential ways in which you can use automated barriers on your property. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more top security solutions!

1. Prevent Unauthorised Access To Your Property

By installing automated barriers, you can stop people from being able to freely drive onto your property. This ensures the premises and everyone on it is kept safe and secure.

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2. Ensure Only Authorised People Can Park On Your Property

Having unauthorised people use car parking spaces intended for employees or residents can be a big problem. Automated barriers are an effective way to prevent this, as only people with authorisation can access your car park.

3. Deter Criminals

Strong security solutions such as automated barriers signal to criminals that you take your building’s safety seriously. This will make them think twice about trying to break in.

4. Control The Flow Of Traffic

If you have an area on your property that gets a lot of traffic, automated barriers can help to keep it under control. This increases security by helping to prevent collisions and other accidents.

5. Keep Track Of Who Enters Your Property

Drivers have to stop when they reach an automated barrier. This means that if you also have CCTV, you have a simple way to keep track of everyone who enters your property.

Secure Your Property With Automated Barriers From AST London

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