Whether you are currently managing your buildings in-house to save money or you just haven’t considered other building security options, it can be a good idea to at least think about outsourcing security to a professional security solutions company.

Here at AST London, we specialise in providing security solutions for homeowners, business owners, and housing associations alike, with our focus very much on building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Why Should You Outsource Your Building Security?

If you are still not sure that outsourcing security is the right choice for your housing association, the below five reasons should help to convince you.

1. Receive Bespoke Building Security

Here at AST London, we offer bespoke security solutions that are specifically tailored to each individual client. This results in a much more effective security system that will guarantee safety for your residents. From the latest innovative technologies in access control systems to where exactly you should be placing your CCTV cameras for maximum results, by outsourcing security to the professionals, you will be able to offer a better and safer living environment to your residents.

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2. Save Money On Building Security

Although you may think that it would be cheaper to care for your building security in-house, the opposite can, in fact, be true. When hiring your own security team, you will most likely have to pay for training, technology, and infrastructure, all of which can be costly.
However, by outsourcing all your security needs to one company, you can make significant savings.

3. Bring Experience To Your Building Security

By choosing a trusted and longstanding security company such as us here AST London, you will have access to many years of experience, which can prove invaluable in its ability to safeguard your buildings. Furthermore, we will be on hand to help your entire organisation rather than just one department.

4. Offer Flexible And Scalable Solutions

Outsourced security will be able to offer flexible and scalable security solutions that an in-house team would struggle to match. For example, you would have access to extra security officers if needed, as well as the latest in security systems such as door entry systems and automated barriers.

5. Instil Trust In Your Association

By aligning your housing association and its building security with a trusted and reputable security solutions company, you will gain more trust from your residents, as well as from the wider community in general. This also makes you a desirable housing association choice for many.

Outsource Your Building Security To AST London

Protect your residents and your buildings with the latest security solutions from AST London and enjoy peace of mind that you are protecting your buildings in the safest way possible Don’t delay; get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team here today.

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