Added Security Technology (AST) London provide specialised security products and solutions to Housing Associations, Educational Establishments and Business across London and the Southeast. A large component of security is looking after physical assets (e.g property) as well as managing the safety and security of residents, visitors or staff. CCTV is designed to limit hazards, theft and vandalism. We created this blog to help you understand the advantages of having a closed-circuit television system on your premises.

Exploring the Benefits of CCTV Security Systems

At AST, we provide a range of CCTV solutions, designed to suit your individual needs. Our CCTV solutions range from basic surveillance systems to sophisticated networked digital systems. AST install High Definition systems as standard, using TVI or IP platforms, which provide clear and usable footage. CCTV is a safe and secure solution for residential housing, private estates and commercial / educational buildings alike.

1. CCTVs Provide Remote or Real-time Viewing

With many systems, not only can you view live CCTV footage on a screen, but you can also dial in and access the footage from any device, putting the power of round-the-clock high-definition observation in your hands, no matter where you are in the world.

2. CCTV Cameras Serve as a Crime Detterent

Prevention is substantially better than the cure and CCTV cameras are no exception. Advertise your stringent security in plain site and individuals will think twice before trespassing or vandalising your property.

3. CCTVs Provide Peace of Mind

With round the clock monitoring that can be accessed at any time, from any place, you don’t have to spend another moment worrying about your organisation’s assets. In many cases, your insurance premiums can be reduced due to the safety and record-keeping benefits of CCTV systems. Peace of mind like this is priceless.


4. CCTV Cameras Decrease Theft

Whether it’s trespassers or residents you are concerned about, you can limit theft and misconduct by having a strong, visible CCTV system. Furthermore, in the case of misconduct on-site, you will have the means to investigate efficiently and identify the perpetrator safely and accurately.

5. CCVT Footage can be Archived

An integral component of sound surveillance is good data capture, and CCTV footage is an excellent source of record-collection. From incident reporting to delivery management to intruder monitoring, CCTV footage archives can be a very insightful source of insight for your business. Most systems are designed for 30 day footage retrieval.

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When it comes to keeping your premises and assets safe and secure, no job is too big or too small for AST London. Our security products also include door entry systems, access control systems, Automatic Doors, Electric Gates, Communal Entrance Doors and Secure Mail Boxes. Get in touch now to find out how to sign up.