Few will argue that CCTV camera systems are beneficial security measures, no matter where they might be installed. Whether at a private home, a housing estate, or a business – CCTV systems can deter antisocial behaviour, reduce the fear of criminal activity, and even aid in the prosecution of anti-social individuals caught on camera. AST takes a look at five benefits of CCTV camera systems below:

1. Deterrence

Anti-social individuals are much less likely to engage in anti-social behaviour when they feel they’re being watched. CCTV camera systems provide constant watchful eyes where they are deployed, regardless of whether they’re actively recording or not! The mere possibility that the CCTV camera above an anti-social individual’s head could be watching them is enough to deter them from committing their intended criminal acts.

2. Surveillance

As mentioned above, CCTV systems provide constant surveillance at key locations on a property. This allows business owners and property owners to have ‘eyes’ on areas they might not regularly visit. Popular surveillance points where CCTV cameras are deployed include rear entrances, road-facing parts of the property, and hardly-used areas such as roofs and basements.

3. Limit Stock Theft

One issue many London business owners face is the theft of stock from warehouses and storage areas. This occurs mainly due to the fact that storage areas are not exactly hubs of activity, and it becomes easy to hide and later remove items of stock without anyone noticing the deficit until the annual stock-take is performed. With CCTV camera systems deployed, stock theft is greatly reduced thanks to the deterrence factor they provide.

4. Prosecution

Not only do CCTV camera systems deter anti-social behaviour and provide improved surveillance at residential and business locations, but the recording of video footage could be used in legal proceedings should anti-social behaviour be caught on camera. Prolific UK cases where CCTV camera systems were instrumental in the apprehension of anti-social individuals include the 1999 Nail Bombings, the Nicola Edgington case of 2011, and the charging of 1,000 rioters in the aftermath of the 2011 riots.

5. Fear Reduction

One of the best reasons to deploy CCTV systems has nothing to do with the prevention of crime, nor the apprehension of anti-social individuals. It has to do with the peace of mind CCTV cameras award residents of residential properties and staff of businesses. Residents of social housing estates feel safer in their homes knowing that there are cameras keeping an eye out for any anti-social activities on their property.