Burglars often target blocks of flats as they offer easy access and poor security features. Renters should be aware of the risks and choose a secure building complex with security measures in place. At AST, we are experts in creating security solutions for many different environments, including blocks of flats and apartments and have the top five security questions that you should ask your landlord before renting a flat.

Moving Into a Flat: Top Security Questions to Ask

This blog will help you determine whether there are sufficient security measures in place to keep your valuables safe and secure. Keep in mind that you should also take additional precautions to protect your living space from intruders, such as never leaving your flat door unlocked. You can check out our blog page for more guidance on how to improve security in a rented flat.

1. Are There Any CCTV Security Cameras?

One of the top questions to ask before renting is whether the block of flats has any CCTV security cameras. Many landlords install security cameras on the exterior and interior of flat buildings. Cameras can be an excellent deterrent to burglars and improve building security.

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2. Have The Locks Been Changed?

You should always request that the locks on your flat are changed before you move in. Otherwise, the previous tenants could gain access to your home and valuables. You could also consider upgrading to a smart locking system or electronic door lock.

3. Do The Flats Have Alarm Systems Installed?

Audio alarm systems are one of the most effective deterrents against intruders. Ask your landlord whether your flat has an alarm system installed before renting.

4. Are There Motion Sensor Lights In Communal Areas?

Poor lighting can be a serious issue in blocks of flats and leave residents feeling unsafe. Ask your landlord whether there are motion sensor lights installed. These automatically switch on when someone enters communal areas such as hallways, stairwells, and laundry areas. It may be a good idea to visit the block of flats to test the lighting for yourself, rather than taking your landlord’s word for it.

5. Is There An Access Control System In Place?

Access control systems are ideal in flats as they help to prevent intruders from gaining access to the building. Ask your landlord whether there is an access control system in place to manage who enters the building. Many modern flat blocks give residents electronic access via a fob, card, or chip.

Make Your Flat More Secure With AST

Make your home more secure by asking these key security questions before renting. If you would like to discuss ways to make your block of flats more secure, then contact us today. Our knowledgeable customer advisors are available to discuss your requirements and answer any security questions.

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