There’s never a wrong time to improve the level of safety around and inside of your home. It’s an especially good time to take some action before or during winter, as this season typically causes more problems than any other. Home burglary rates climb during the winter months because of the longer nights and shorter days, as thieves typically strike when it’s dark outside.

Wintertime Safety & Security Checklist

Experiencing a break-in can be devastating and dangerous if it occurs while you’re home, so it’s important to do as much as possible to mitigate the risk. If you want to make sure your home and your family are safe during the winter months, follow these five winter security tips.


Winter Security Tip #1: Use Motion Sensor Lighting

Keeping your home and yard well-lit at night is a major deterrent for thieves. Having a light that is triggered by motion can help warn you of any intruders and make it much more difficult for anyone to break into your home without getting noticed. It’s a good idea to get a motion detection system that runs on batteries in case of a blackout. That way, the lights will still come on even if you don’t have any power.

Winter Security Tip #2: Lock Your Doors & Windows

It’s surprisingly common for homeowners to be more relaxed about keeping all their doors and windows unlocked, particularly when they are not at home. Acting under the cover of darkness from the shorter days and longer nights, burglars can easily enter your home after quickly discovering a way in. Always check that your doors and windows are locked before leaving your home and before going to bed at night.

Winter Security Tip #3: Automate Your Lights

Another good way to keep your home well-lit is to have your lights on an automatic timer. If the typical person works until 5 or 6 o’clock in the evening, the sun will have set before they get home. Having your porch lights or even interior lights come on just before sunset is a good way to make it look like someone is home, which can deter thieves from trying to break in.


Winter Security Tip #4: Use Your Garage When Possible

It’s tempting to warm up your car by leaving it running in your driveway during those frosty mornings, but opportunists can steal your car if you do. To save yourself the enormous headache of trying to find your stolen car, park your car in your garage. You won’t have to warm it up before leaving because it’s more protected.

Winter Security Tip #5: Invest in a Security System

Above all else, the best way to protect your home is to have a home security system installed and fully operational. They can be set up quickly and easily by a technician, or even by yourself if you choose a self-installable home security system. Not only will your home be more secure, but you will get peace of mind knowing your home and family are monitored at all times. A good security system can also be integrated into other systems around your home, like if you have a motion sensor light or want to automate your lights.

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