The importance of business security over the holiday season should never be underestimated.

With crime at an all-time high over the festive period, opportunists will take any chance they see to enter your business and make a profit from your hard work.

Fortunately, here at AST London, we can help ensure you have the right security over the holidays to keep your business protected around the clock.

Our Top 5 Business Security Tips

If you haven’t upgraded your business security for a while, now is the ideal time to do so. Discover our top business security tips below and enjoy peace of mind that your business is safe and sound over the holidays.

1. Test Your Security Equipment

Before you think about investing in new security solutions, you should first check all your existing equipment for any faults or defects. Make sure that you test everything, including your CCTV cameras, fire alarms, and access control system.

Try to do this at least a month before the holiday season begins so you can make any repairs or upgrades in time.

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2. Conduct Background Checks On Seasonal Staff

If you are planning to take on more staff to deal with the holiday rush, make sure that you perform adequate background checks first. While someone may seem nice and trustworthy, it is always better to be safe than sorry.
You should also ensure that you provide sufficient training so that any new members of staff do not inadvertently put your business at risk.

3. Hang Decorations Carefully

While there is no harm in getting in the festive spirit and decorating both the interior and exterior of your building with Christmas decorations. You need to ensure that these do not block or cover any of your business security solutions, such as your CCTV system or security lighting.

If you have motion detectors inside your building, also make sure that there are no decorations in view of these as they could cause a false alarm.

4. Lock Your Building and Set Alarm

Although this may seem obvious, before you leave for the holiday season, you need to make sure that you lock all the doors and activate your alarm system. In addition, if you have an access control system, ensure that any schedule set to automatically open on any given day is overridden during your absence.

5. Keep Merchandise Out of Sight

Be wary of what potential thieves can see through the windows of your business and keep any valuable items way out of sight. Not only will this make your business less desirable to thieves, but it will also reduce your risk of “smash and grabs”.

Upgrade Your Business Security with AST London

Want more advice on how to keep your business safe over the holidays? Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today and ensure that your business is properly secured for the festive season.

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