5 Smart Home Security Trends You Need to Know

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01 Aug 5 Smart Home Security Trends You Need to Know

With the new age of technology, security is becoming smarter than ever. It is not just professional buildings that are incorporating smart security into their safety applications. Still, there is a wide variety of ideas, systems, and gadgets to keep even personal homes protected – you can check out the solution AST London offer here.

Smart Home Security Trends

Knowing what to choose for your home isn’t easy. That is why we set up our blog. Now you can read on to find out which 5 smart home security practices are trending right now and so much more.

Smart Home Security Trend #1: Integrated Whole Home Systems

A brand-new age of technology has arrived when it comes to security, centralisation and all-in-one integration provides many options for managing systems in one place. Separate smart home security, security trends and security gadgets all play a part in deciding how to keep our homes protected, and what is better than having them all together?

An integrated whole-home system is essentially the hub of all mechanical systems that are used in the home daily.

Examples of this would be being able to turn on and off the lights from the same technology as being able to turn up the heating.

However, as well as comfort, integrated whole-home systems can also act as an impressive security hub. From this same control point, users can monitor who has access to the entry/exit points of buildings, garages, gates, etc

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Smart Home Security Trend #2: Integrated Security Solution

In this day and age, our use of online systems is now a normal everyday activity and being able to monitor and verify who is in the house or at the door can go a long way in keeping the home secure. The greatest benefit of integrated security solutions is that they can be monitored remotely, which means users can see who is coming to and from their house in real-time, from wherever they are.

They can also offer the chance to communicate directly to those who are in the area, to give them instructions or security codes to carry on with their delivery or for situations such as a friend entering the house.

Smart Home Security Trend #3: Security Cameras

Security cameras are popular for outdoor surveillance, but more recently, they are a popular interior addition, with homeowners opting to place them in several different rooms within the home.

Security cameras in the home can be an excellent deterrent to criminals but are also great in the event of supplying evidence to court over misconduct. Security does not always mean keeping an eye on potential crimes. Security surveillance can also serve as a purpose to check on loved ones, especially those who might be vulnerable.

Smart Home Security Trend #4: Security Gates

Security gates stand the test of time when it comes to protecting the home. Smart gates can be controlled from inside of the home or remotely, giving users an unrivalled amount of control.

Smart Home Security Trend #5: Smart Locks

Smart locks are becoming a firm favourite when it comes to keeping the home protected. Smart locks work in a number of different ways including biometrics, codes, smartphones, or a key fob – there is great flexibility in the solutions on offer.

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