Commercial buildings require an extra level of security, as they are often popular targets for burglars. With enough protection from AST London, you can be sure your building is only entered by those who are supposed to be there.

Good Commercial Building Security Takes More Than Just One System

While one security system is better than none, with so much at stake, it’s best to employ multiple security systems to be sure your building is as secure as possible. These seven will make sure your commercial building never falls victim to burglary. If you want to learn more about security measures for businesses, head over to our blog page.

1. Use CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are a must for any industrial security. If something suspicious happens around the building, you want to be able to see exactly what has happened. Plus, with extra surveillance, you can stop a burglary in its tracks. Don’t just place security cameras wherever, though – make sure it captures the areas most vulnerable to crimes, such as the main entrance and surrounding windows.

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2. Use a Door Entry System

A door entry system provides access to people working in the building and them only. Of course, it allows visitors to walk through the doors with permission, but any other person who isn’t invited or welcome will not have access.

3. Place Warning Signs

A simple but effective method is to place warning signs around the building. For example, you could place a sign outside the building saying there is CCTV in use. If criminals know that your building is protected, they will be far more likely to leave it alone.

4. Hire Security Guards

While technology is an effective way of preventing commercial building burglary, there is another method in the form of security guards. Not only will they stop a crime from happening in front of them, but the sight of security guards will also put potential criminals off your building. You don’t need many for this to be effective, either!

5. Install a Secure Gate

For commercial buildings, a secure gate provides an extra layer of security that is sure to keep unwanted guests out. When everyone goes home for the day, the gate will be locked by a security guard, ensuring no one without a key can get in overnight.

6. Install Alarms

An alarm is one of the best measures for protecting any type of building, as it alerts you to any potential burglaries and it tells the criminal that they are seen. More often than not, a burglar will run when they hear an alarm.

7. Perform Maintenance Checks

Lastly, you must perform maintenance checks on your security systems to ensure they’re working fine. Otherwise, you could be running a commercial building without sufficient protection!

Using AST London’s Security Systems Will Secure Your Commercial Building

By using our security systems, your building will be more protected than ever. Any more questions? Go to our contact page.

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