7 Ways to Keep Your Retail Outlet Safe 24 Hours a Day

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10 May 7 Ways to Keep Your Retail Outlet Safe 24 Hours a Day

When it comes to securing your retail outlet, there is no such thing as being over-prepared.

7 Retail Security Hacks

Protecting your livelihood is vital for both insurance purposes and for peace of mind.

Retail Security Hack #1: Install Cameras

IP Cameras can be viewed remotely 24 hours a day. They will run with self-writing time-stamped storage, ensuring you always have an easy method of retrieval should you need it.


Retail Security Hack #2: Use Automated Motion Detectors

Automated motion detectors are a great option for when you’ve left your shop, especially overnight. If nothing is supposed to be moving, these will tell you if there’s a problem.

Retail Security Hack #3: Alarms

Alarms are great for two reasons; firstly, they can be attached to local services and may be able to alert local forces to a possible break-in. And secondly, the sheer noise of an alarm is usually enough to scare off any would-be burglar.

Retail Security Hack #4: Keyless Entry

Either with a keypad or a security swipe, using the keyless entry for internal and staff-only doors is a good idea to help you keep track of comings and goings as well as keeping unwanted guests out.

Retail Security Hack #5: Security Doors

Automated and steel doors can be an excellent option for retail units. Automated doors can be switched over to manual mode swiftly when needed. Automated doors can be equipped with keyless entry too, increasing their effectiveness and safety rating by combining the two technologies.

Retail Security Hack #6: Automated Bollards

Parking can be a complete nightmare in towns and if your retail store has limited staff or customer parking, using automated bollards can ensure the right people always have somewhere to park. Overnight this can also stop would-be burglars from parking vans close to your store.

Retail Security Hack #7: Vandal Resistant Materials

Vandal-resistant materials come in all shapes and sizes now. From anti-climb paint to anti-graffiti paint, even some of our security systems come with vandal-proof plates and facings. This is vital to protecting the integrity of your security system and, in turn, protecting your shop in the long run.

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