Gates and barriers are your property’s first defence. With a robust range of entrance security solutions, you can deter crime and unauthorised access out of the gate. Here at AST London, we know the ins and outs of business security and have a range of options to give you enhanced security, whatever your budget.

Enhance Your Business Security with These Top Parking Security Options Today

Security begins at the parking lot. Limiting access to the site secures the vehicles parked on your property and your business itself. To truly secure your company, of course, you’ll want to head over to our blog to brush up on all the latest developments in the security world. For now, ramp up your building security with these top systems:

1. Automated Gates

Automated gates are the bread and butter of parking security. They can be installed anywhere, from open-air parking lots to inside your underground parking garage. We here at AST offer a wide range of styles and sizes to suit your situation best. With our automated gates, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that each and every one of our products adheres to the European Commission Regulatory Standards and also to the Health and Safety Executive Machinery Directive. You’ll get the best of all worlds and can finally prevent unauthorised access to your parking spaces.

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2. Automated Doors

Our protection options don’t stop at the parking lot. We also offer a variety of automated door solutions. Use these to offer secure access to your parking garage and internal access to your buildings.

We can install a whole new door security system from scratch or work on automating your existing doors for improved accessibility.

Our team can revamp any type of door, from swing to sliding, from wood to metal. They’re opened either by infrared sensors (for customer-facing entrances) or by a remote, key fob, or push button.

3. Automated Barriers

Need a quick and easy way to stop people from driving into your parking lot without checking in? Have us install automated barriers to enhance your parking security. These can be installed with a wireless intercom or built-in key fob access to make it easy for your residents, employees, or customers to enter the parking lot while restricting unauthorised use.

4. Automated Bollards

Want something more robust than an automated barrier? Have us install automated or static bollards instead. These rise out of the ground to prevent unauthorised access to your property, greatly enhancing business security. Don’t worry about drivers not seeing them, either, as they come with high-vis bands and LED lights to stay visible. These high-quality, luxury options protect your property and give you peace of mind.

Secure Your Entrance Today with AST London

We are experts in all things security. On top of limiting access to your parking lot and entranceways, we can boost your protection features with CCTV, roller shutters, railings, and so much more. Contact our security experts today and learn just how we can increase your property’s protections today. We work with all budgets so you can better safeguard your business without breaking the bank.

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