When it comes to securing London’s many housing estates, we at AST London believe that the key to effective year-long security is regular security system maintenance. By ensuring that security systems are kept optimally functional, residents won’t ever have to wonder about their family’s safety. Our Annual Preventative Maintenance contract includes two scheduled visits per year, where our AST security specialists perform the following preventative security maintenance activities:

Security Equipment Maintenance

The first preventative security maintenance required is that of checking the various moving parts on items such as boom gates, automated gate mechanisms, and the like. Ill-aligned moving parts can cause damage to the equipment over time, which could end up rendering the security system ineffective. With annual preventative security maintenance, however, this will never be an issue.

Assessing Control Equipment

Much like the need to assess the alignment and condition of various moving parts that make up the security system, the actual equipment tasked with controlling the entire security system should also be serviced. This includes CCTV systems, fingerprint scanners, key fob receivers, door code input panels, etc.

Check Locking Mechanisms

In our opinion, this has to be the most important security maintenance required for a holistically functional security system. The locking mechanisms on doors and gates are what prevent unauthorised entry of individuals onto the property, and thus a faulty locking mechanism renders entry-control impossible. As part of a planned security maintenance contract, locking mechanisms should be checked and serviced.

Assess Communications Systems

For many housing estates in London, access to the property is granted to visitors by the use of an intercom system – connecting a panel in each dwelling to a central intercom at the estate’s entrance. Security maintenance personnel should check to see that two-way communication is possible from each residence, as well as if each home can open the main gate from their panel.

Perform Force Measurements on Gates

While automated gates do well to prevent unauthorised entry to a housing estate, if they are not regularly serviced, their security efficacy could be compromised. Some tenacious individuals often try and force gates open, so regular security maintenance should include force measurements to ensure that automated gates cannot be opened by hand.

Security Maintenance in London

The AST London security maintenance process begins with us meeting you, the client. We then decide on a suitable maintenance programme (regular, monthly, quarterly, or annually) and submit a proposal and quotation. As part of our planned security maintenance package, we offer a risk assessment review and provide you with a maintenance report upon completion of our security maintenance operations. This is one way we endeavour to improve the security and safety of all Londoners. Get in touch with AST London for more information on our preventative security maintenance!