Best Practices for Access Control at Schools

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17 Aug Best Practices for Access Control at Schools

School Access Control is top of the list when it comes to school safety and many components come together to create a complete school security plan. From sign-in registers, visitor badges, magnetized locks through to escort procedures for visitors, and drills for an emergency lockdown, there is plenty to consider when it comes to putting a security plan in place for a school. AST London understands the importance of how all of these elements take shape, and that’s why we tailor security for places of learning.

Why School Access Control Matters

The one thing that determines whether someone enters a school or not is the level of Access Control. This form of security measure determines the safety perimeter of the school’s property, including any point of entry or exit.

This piece from our blog will discuss the best practices for Access Control at schools to make the most out of this security measure.

Distinct and Clear Perimeters

Schools need to map out the security perimeter, so everyone, including teachers, students and visitors, know which areas have been secured. There are a few things to consider when setting perimeters, as both the protection of the students and valuable equipment needs to be managed.

The perimeter is usually created using fences, barriers, signs, doors, or other clear markings.

The reason for using distinct and clear perimeters is that it eliminates any chance of confusion or ambiguity and lets everyone know that the school is aware of who is supposed to be within the security zone and who is not.

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Designate Limited Access Points

Limited access points are at the forefront of enabling school Access Control, school security, and also student security.

Limiting the number of access points makes it easier to control who comes into the school, and prevent those who are not supposed to be on site!

Access points need to be observed and monitored. Any entry / exit point needs to be considered, for instance emergency exits, as they can pose a threat for unwanted entry if they are not kept closed properly in non-emergencies.

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