More property owners are choosing automated bollards as part of their security systems. They serve as attractive alternatives if gates are not attractive or feasible. Aside from that though, automated bollards serve a variety of other purposes in blocking unauthorised access and controlling access to a property. AST London explains the benefits of these useful security tools.

The Advantages of Automated Bollards

There are at least four reasons why automated bollards should be included in your access control system. They are as follows:

1. Automated Bollards Are Extremely Convenient

Automated bollards can be deployed whenever necessary. They can be retracted and kept out of sight to open the way for authorised visitors, and they can easily be raised in a matter of seconds when you need them to block access. They can be raised or retracted at the touch of a button. Bollards are more compact and less obtrusive than gates, yet they offer faster, safer and more convenient protection against entry by unauthorised vehicles.

2. They are Aesthetically Pleasing

Compared to other access control options, bollards make properties look more appealing and cleaner. They can also help to keep a property looking more orderly by preventing parking in unauthorised areas.

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3. They Boost Safety and Prevent Accidents

Bollards can prevent access to specific areas, and prevent attempts at crossing over a property’s boundary in a vehicle. They can thus be used to create boundaries around areas set aside for pedestrians. Access can be cut off for vehicles, ensuring that areas is always safe for people to walk in. At those times when vehicles need to be allowed in – to make deliveries, for example – they can easily be lowered temporarily.

4. Bollards Are Also Extremely Cost-Effective

If you invest in the installation of automated bollards, you will find that the return on that investment will be both high and rapid. Bollards will save you money by protecting your property and all of its infrastructure, preventing damage, and saving you time and energy.

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