man holding finger out with the word security

19 Feb 2018 Security Resolutions You Can Keep

In the blink of an iPhone LED we’re facing the end of February 2018, as daylight waits for no man in it’s constant march towards a destination unknown. Another constant is the anti-social behaviour that comes part and parcel with operating a London business or...

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mailboxed installed

30 Jan Our Secure Mailboxes at a Glance

Your mail is your business – and that’s the way it should stay. However, in housing estates featuring communal letter boxes, your post is often everyone else’s business – and nothing stops a neighbour from rifling through your mail. Well, not unless you’re using one...

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cctv cameras installed on wall

29 Jan Cloud-Based Security Systems

It’s the phrase technology lovers have been blurting out in their sleep since Google CEO, Eric Shmidt, announced it back in 2006. He called this new technological breakthrough that was about to cause waves across the globe cloud computing. Today, cloud computing is fast becoming a...

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