Bollards were first used in the maritime industry, on the decks of ships and on quaysides to secure them. Nowadays, bollards are used extensively in the traffic control sphere to control road traffic and prevent car ramming attacks. Security bollards can also be used to bolster residential and business security, and the retractable variety are especially effective. Let’s take a look at where security bollards can be used to improve London security…

Residential Housing Estates

Security is probably the most important consideration in London’s many residential housing estates, as residents need to feel safe in their own homes. Unfortunately, antisocial individuals often attempt to gain unauthorised access to residential housing parking lots – which often leads to antisocial behaviour taking place on the property.

With an integrated access control solution that incorporates automated security bollards, access can be denied to those who seek to partake in mischief where they shouldn’t. These can be lowered during peak traffic times to prevent congestion, and raised after-hours.

Corporate Parking Lots

Corporate properties often feature large parking spaces where employees leave their vehicles while they’re at work. The safety of these vehicles is important, and many corporate institutions employ the services of security guards to watch over the vehicles. However, there is little a person can do to prevent a car travelling at full speed from exiting the parking lot.

Automated bollards, however, are strong enough to stop a vehicle in its tracks. Should a security guard witness a vehicle being stolen and the antisocial individual is heading for the exit, they are able to remotely deploy the security bollards to ensure that the vehicle doesn’t leave the property.

Retail Outlet Loading Bays

Retail outlets are often hubs of vehicular traffic, with customers out front and supply trucks offloading stock out back. To avoid a parking free-for-all, static bollards can be used to restrict the access of vehicles to key areas such as emergency exits and staff parking spots.

Our AST security bollards feature highly visible bands for improved night-time visibility, and can even be fitted with LED lights. These provide a safe, secure traffic control solution at London’s many retail outlets. Feel free to contact our friendly AST London staff for more information on our bollards.