CCTV is one of the essential security solutions for businesses – and even some homes. AST London provides a range of CCTV solutions from basic surveillance to sophisticated networked digital recorders. Are you aware of the fullest extent of what CCTV can do? This popular security solution is capable of more than most people realise. Let’s take a look at some of the advanced features it offers for maximum security.

Advanced CCTV Solutions

Advanced CCTV camera surveillance solutions are intelligent video processing devices and techniques designed to help property owners and security professionals with constant, easily accessible, comprehensive visual coverage, real-time alerts and useful analysis, in order to enhance security.

Traditional surveillance systems involve camera coverage, which is then fed to screens monitored by human operators. This works relatively well, but it is limited by human error, as well as limited human capacity. Advanced solutions make use of automated technology and AI to provide maximum security.

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Some Examples of Advanced CCTV Solutions

The basic combination of cameras and screens is constantly being improved upon to create ever more accurate and comprehensive security solutions. Some of the leading innovations include:

  • PTZ cameras: Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras provide 360-degree coverage, as well as the ability to pan and tilt in multiple directions, and zoom in to get more detailed coverage of particular areas. This is easily controlled with special software or a joystick system.
  • Box camera: These customizable outdoor cameras provides ultra-high resolution for pixel-perfect surveillance.
  • IP camera: With cameras that can connect and be operated over the internet, you get scalability, high resolution and the ability to control and monitor from a distance.
  • Day and night cameras: Security coverage should be versatile enough for use both indoors and outdoors, in both high and low lighting environments. That is what these solutions provide. Infrared capabilities make it possible to achieve detailed surveillance even in total darkness. However, these cameras will operate just as easily and effectively in full daylight.
  • LPR/ANPR solutions are a great solution for strengthening access control. Licence Plate Recognition or Automatic Number-Plate Recognition systems can be used to admit only authorised vehicles, and monitor unrecognised ones in private parking, offices, business parks and factories.

These and many more CCTV solutions are being used by numerous property owners to create safer, more controlled environments.

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