It’s the phrase technology lovers have been blurting out in their sleep since Google CEO, Eric Shmidt, announced it back in 2006. He called this new technological breakthrough that was about to cause waves across the globe cloud computing.

Today, cloud computing is fast becoming a standard means for businesses and individuals alike to securely store their data off-site, among other applications. This saves hard drive space, and makes all data stored in the cloud instantly accessible – from anywhere in the world.

Cloud computing has now entered the home and business security industry, and AST London is proud to be a pioneer of this ground-breaking technology, in fact we have being supplying Cloud based solutions for the last 10 years.

These are our AST security systems that are managed in the cloud

GSM Door Entry Systems

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is known as a telecommunications standard developed to accommodate the second generation of digital cellular networks.

Here’s how our GSM door entry systems work:

  1. Someone calls your flat number from the keypad outside the door
  2. You receive a call on your landline or mobile phone – no matter where you are
  3. You are able to open the door with the press of a button

Unlike older intercom systems, the AST Door Entry System uses a wireless cloud-based system which negates the need for troublesome wires and cables. We use the latest 4G network band and already are working with our partners on next generation systems ready for the 5G network!

Having the management software on the Cloud means that you are able to manage the system from a remote location. Should telephone numbers need to be removed or altered keyfobs added or deleted, you can do so – from anywhere in the world – via the user-friendly web portal.

Find out more about our AST London GSM door entry systems here!


i-Prox Integrated Access Control Systems

Using the GSM Data network we can provide a full access control solution specially developed for Communal Living. Here’s how our GSM door entry systems work:

  • Full control of your system, rest assured knowing that keyfobs are easily managed ensuring any fobs reported lost are deleted, keeping sites secure.
  • Manage, add and delete car park remotes easily from the Cloud Software.
  • Can be easily managed remotely. No site visits required to programme new keyfobs/ Car park remotes.
  • Reports can be easily created confirming when and who has used a keyfob/ car park remote
  • Key fobs and car park remotes cannot be cloned.
  • Master Fobs work across new sites automatically.
  • 10 Year prepaid Data giving you remote access without the stress and costs of managing expensive broadband or other costly short term mobile contracts

Digital Display Boards

In a crusade to paint our environmental footprint a lighter shade of green, we’ve conceptualised an effective digital display board system that utilises a cloud-based management system.

This allows you to push notifications and news to any notice board – at any branch – from one single remote location! These are a few benefits of utilising a cloud-based digital display board:

  • Saves money on printing, labour and transport costs
  • Update individual notice boards with tailored digital notices
  • Reduce calls to your call centre as Residents know they can find out urgent service updates on their Digital Notice Board
  • Unlimited and free updates as and when required
  • Vandal-proof casing that is surface mounted
  • Indoor and outdoor versions available

Find out more about our AST London digital display boards here!

Management of Key Safes

Just how secure is that large board you use to manage and store’s important keys? Could a set go missing quite easily? Chances are you’ve answered not very and yes to those questions.

With a key safe in place, you can carefully control who is awarded access to which keys, using the innovative integrated 3G module.

With an AST Key Safe – featuring a touch screen and utilising cloud technology – you are able to track your keys, and see who the last person was to extract a specific key from the safe. You can even reserve keys for people to ensure no wasted journeys.

Our Key Safe system will even email you a notification detailing which key was withdrawn and by whom!

What’s more, the steel door is vandal resistant and uses a 3-point locking mechanism to ensure the unwavering safety of your keys.

A suite of alarms and email notifications can be enabled to let you know if a key has not been returned or if the keysafe has been left opened or broken in to.

i-Prox Integrated Cloud Software

While each of the previously mentioned cloud-based security systems can be setup and managed by us at AST London, our i-Prox security system is an amalgamation of these into one, single, easy-to-manage cloud-based security system allowing you to manage your keyfobs with ease and have complete control!

The i-Prox integrated security system is suitable for use with:

  • Door entry systems
  • Access control solutions
  • Key safe solutions
  • Digital notice boards

We’ve detailed the capabilities of the AST i-Prox system in this article titled our i-Prox integrated security system.

Cutting-Edge Security in London

A security company should remain abreast of the latest security technologies in order to provide their clients with the most current, most effective security solutions available! For more information on our AST London security capabilities, feel free to get in touch with us right here.