The best kind of security is security that gets tailored to your needs. At AST London, we believe every security solution should fit the customer’s specific needs, whether they need sophisticated around-the-clock security measures or a simple surveillance set-up for peace of mind.

Why Customised Security is Necessary

No two security systems should look identical. After all, no two locks are ever the same! Every property, whether commercial or residential, is different and therefore has different security requirements. One property might have an easy-to-access window in the back, while another has an inside door that only select people should be able to enter. Whatever the case, tailored security solutions will ensure the highest protection possible.

In this article, you can discover how AST London tailors its security products and services for each client. We have plenty more excellent security articles on our blog, so be sure to check those out, too!

1. Door Entry Systems

Our door entry systems involve a tech system that lets people in and out of a building. This can suit a wide variety of clients. With our communal door entries, we have a variety of designs, colours, and sizes to match your preferences, needs, and budget. During our initial meetings, we will design the door entry system to match your building, using only the highest-grade security products for your protection.

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2. Letter Boxes

Need a secure letter box? All AST London letter boxes are fit for purpose, individually designed to suit your building and ensure your letters are as safe as possible. As well as security locks, you can individualise your letter boxes with nameplates, engravings, and powder-coated enamel for the perfect shade.

3. Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are used in many ways to protect a person’s or business’s property. You might use roller shutters on a garage to keep a car safe, or you might use them at the front of a shop when it is closed. At AST London, we have a wide range of colours to match your commercial or residential aesthetic. On top of that, we design our roller shutters to fit in many different areas, both big and small. We even offer remote control and group demand as options.

4. Automated Doors

If you want your doors to be automated, you can do so with us. That’s because our automated door equipment can be used on both single and double doors, as well as either sliding or swing doors. No matter what door you want to automate, we can do it.

5. CCTV Systems

Finally, we ensure absolute protection for any building with our tailored CCTV system solutions. As well as sophisticated systems that develop crystal clear pictures, we evaluate your commercial or residential property to ensure installations meet the needs of the space. Plus, you’ll get remote access to manage the cameras with ease.

Get Tailored Security Solutions with AST London

Every security system should be tailored to the specific property. Looking for customised security technology solutions? Contact the AST London team today to learn more about how we can protect your property.

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