Whether you are concerned about safety, theft, or criminal damage, finding the right building entry systems for your housing association is crucial. Here at AST London, we take building security extremely seriously and only provide the latest and most innovative entry systems on the market to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

What Are The Different Building Entry Systems?

Choosing the right entry system for your residential buildings can be more than a little challenging, especially if you don’t know what it is that you are looking for. Fortunately, here at AST London, we have simplified this process for you so you can easily and quickly identify which type of building security system you need.

The AST London Sentinel 4+ Door Entry System

A robust and reliable door entry system, our Sentinel 4+ Door entry solution is ideal for social housing. The microprocessor-controlled system, which is available as a functional or digital unit, can be installed flush or surface mounted.

With maximum security in mind, this premium building security system boasts an LCD display that indicates when a call has been made, answered and the door released.

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The AST London GSM Door Entry System

A telephone-based door entry system, our GSM Intercom, is placed at the entrance of your buildings and allows the resident to be called directly on their phone. Offering convenience and safety, this system can be set up to include a resident’s landline, mobile number, or through an app.

The Ast London Door Entry System Maintenance Package

If you are looking for a building security package that will maintain all aspects of your chosen door entry system, then look no further. Our Annual Preventative Maintenance package includes the inspection of your entry system, its associated handsets, and all of its other components.
Once complete, you will receive a full report on your system, with a quote for any further work if needed.

Choose The Right Building Entry Systems For Your Housing Association With AST London

Browse our selection of premium entry systems and find the perfect building security option to protect your buildings and residents here.

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