Digital notice boards

We have entered an age where our staff, clients and consumers don’t want to see pieces of paper stuck to walls with notices printed on them, time is also of the essence, and sitting and printing endless reams of paper is a waste.


Traditional paper notice boards are used to display necessary information on a regular basis, but in order to do that, organizations needed to do a lot of paperwork, print notices, repeat this process as many times as necessary. This is inconvenient and time-consuming.


We find that digitally sound notice boards are the best method of getting information across to the target audience, timeously, without extra costs and leaving management to focus on more important issues and tasks. Plus, they look a lot neater and convey the necessary messages they need to in bright colours and moving pictures.

AST provide unique digitally sound notice boards to replace out of date and unsightly paper notice boards.

Digital notice boards are vandal resistant and can have bespoke logos and contact details engraved.

Digital notice boards provide fast and accurate information to people via remote access.

Digital notice boards improving communal areas with a vandal resistant and paperless solution.

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