Automated doors are the best way to allow people in and out of your business, hospital, school or other public area, while ensuring secure access control. AST London has installed numerous automatic door systems for all kinds of public spaces, and we have had the opportunity to see them in action and understand their many benefits. Let’s examine these advantages more closely.

The Benefits of Automated Doors

If you are wondering whether or not to install automatic doors in your public spaces, consider these four vital benefits, and you are sure to see why they ought to form an important part of your access control system.

1. Automated Doors Help to Prevent Congestion

Automated doors provide a seamless way to allow people to enter and exit a building without causing unnecessary pauses or bottlenecks. This is particularly true in places where there is a constant flow of inward and outward traffic.

2. Automated Doors Enhance the Health and Hygiene of a Space

Automated doors are perfect for those spaces where high safety and hygiene standards are important, such as schools and hospitals. Since they do not require people to touch any buttons or door handles, they enable “hands-free” movement, which helps to safeguard the health and cleanliness of everyone who passes through them.

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3. Automated Doors Allow for Efficient Use of Space

Automated sliding doors work effectively in any doorway, including those that are extremely narrow. When open, they occupy very little space, leaving plenty of room for visitors to enter and exit. They are thus the most feasible and efficient access control option for public spaces with restricted, narrow spaces.

4. Automated Doors Help to Improve Security

Automated doors can be effectively integrated with security systems. Instead of having your doors open automatically via a motion detector, you can have them fitted with electronic locks that require a PIN, key or biometric data to allow access. You can thus have all the benefits of an automatic door, combined with the functions of strict access control, enhancing the safety and security of your facility.

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