Door entry systems are a buildings first defence against potential security threats. They enable building owners and occupants to maintain effective access control, and ensure that a building is safe and compliant with security requirements and standards. AST London is an expert in the installation and maintenance of access control systems. Let’s take a look at the reasons why door entry systems are so important.

The Functions of Door Entry Systems

Access control systems are designed to enable building owners and occupants to control who can enter a building – or certain parts of a building – using a variety of access methods such as biometrics, PIN codes, camera identification, key cards or tokens. Since these systems allow strict control over who enters and leaves a building, they are a central part of any security system. The benefits of door entry systems make them vital for the enhancement of a building’s security, as well as the building’s compliance with security standards and regulations.

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The Benefits of Door Entry Systems

Access control is a set of measures and systems implemented to manage access and movement into and within a building. The benefits of these systems include:

  • Tracking the movement of people around a building. Access control systems enable businesses to know exactly who has entered the building, and where people are within the building.
  • Protecting personnel and other occupants. Since access is strictly controlled, persons who may pose a potential threat to a building’s occupants can be excluded, thus keeping authorised personnel safe.
  • Protecting assets and preventing crime. The restriction of access also provides a secure way to prevent theft and damage to property.
  • Key-free, modern security. Newer access control systems do away with easily-to-lose items such as keys, cards and tags, making security easier, more cost-effective and more efficient.
  • Restricted access. Door entry systems also work within a building, meaning that personnel can be given specialised access to particular areas.
  • Effective timekeeping. These systems enable employers to keep accurate records of when their staff members enter and leave the premises.

Fully integrated door entry systems should form part of any building’s security measures. AST London installs and maintains access control systems and other security components, in full compliance with all industry standards.

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