It’s December 2017, and most of our AST London followers are more than likely gearing up to travel far and wide in search of a warmer climate to see in the new year.

Before locking your doors and heading off, have you thought about the safety of your home while you’re not there? Vacant residential dwellings are like cupcakes for antisocial individuals – they can’t resist them!

So, consider implementing a few of the below home security tips before leaving home for your much-needed year end break…

Let People Know You’re Out

Got neighbours staying in the area over the festive season break?

Let them know when you plan to leave, when you’re returning, and inform them of any arrangements you may have made with friends and family that are coming over when you’re not there.

By recruiting an extra few pairs of eyes, you can rest easy knowing that your neighbours will inform you of any strange or unusual activity occurring on your property.

Secure Points of Entry

Got an automated gate or a door entry system on your property?

When last have you have these checked out for efficacy? A home security solution is only as good as its ability to actually deter antisocial individuals from wreaking havoc on your abode.

Consider employing the services of professional London security practitioners to check out your home security. Plans like our AST London Reactive Security Maintenance offer peace of mind in knowing that your home security will be as iron-clad as possible while you’re away.

Also, check all of your home’s windows and door locks. A jiggly lock on a window or door merely needs a firm kick or hit to render it useless and bust open a point of entry into your home.

Keep Your Post Box Empty

What’s the first thought that goes through your mind when you see a full post box?

More times than not you’ll assume that nobody is home, because nobody is collecting the post. This is how antisocial individuals think, too, and they’ll be more inclined to attempt a home invasion when there are signs of vacancy.

Remember point one where we suggested you let your neighbours know you’re going on holiday? Ask those same neighbours if they wouldn’t mind just clearing your post box once or twice a week.

This way, should potential home invaders consider your home as a target, they’ll think twice when they see that someone has been collecting the mail.

Leave the Dogs at Home

If you’re really worried about the safety of your homestead when you’re not there, consider this as a last home security resort.

Instead of dropping your furry friends off at the kennels when you go on vacation, consider leaving them at home with a dog-sitter.

They’ll look after your pooches during the day, and your pooches will look after your home at night. There’s a much smaller chance of you being broken into when potential home invaders can hear Fido yapping from inside.

For more home or office safety tips, feel free to get in touch with us at AST London by clicking right here! Stay safe, and have a fantastic festive season 2017!