Automated gates are a common feature in all manner of residential and commercial buildings, but are often overlooked as mechanical devices that require regular maintenance. The automated gates industry has seen plenty of trouble with regards to poorly installed and poorly maintained automated gates, which have led to all manner of accidents and, in some cases, even fatalities.

AST London provide a top-quality automated gate service that includes installations, maintenance and repairs, depending on the client’s requirements. We install a range of sizes and shapes of automated gates in order to provide safe and secure solutions for residential and commercial buildings.

Our work is held to the European Commission Regulatory Standards and to the Health and Safety Executive Machinery Directive (HSE), which ensures that the AST London solution is the safest for you and your premises. To top things off, AST London is a Powered Gate Group Member with the Door and Hardware Federation and a Gate Safe Registered Company, all for your peace of mind.

With the DHF Gate Safety Week approaching, we want to explore the importance of gate maintenance and how we at AST London go about maintaining automated gates and keep your security solutions in the best imaginable shape.

Why You Should Consider Regular Gate Maintenance

Automated gates that are not maintained pose a great risk to the health and safety standards of your organisation, with particular regard to the HSE. Unmaintained gates can result in fines if inspected, and more critically, accidents can easily occur as your gate is a heavily used mechanical feature. In general, automated gates can weigh hundreds of kilograms and when motorised, they will keep moving regardless of what ends up in its path.

We at AST London strongly advise that you consider regular gate maintenance as it not only absolves you of liability if something were to go wrong due to the condition of the gate, but also allows you to focus on your most concerning tasks, with total peace of mind.

The AST London Gate Maintenance Process

Should you enlist the services of AST London, an AST engineer will be sent to your site and complete a full and thorough Risk Assessment of your automated gates. This comprehensive check will determine whether your automated gates are Health and Safety compliant. Upon completion, our AST engineer will hand over a Risk Assessment Report for your reference, as well as a quote for any work required or recommended to reduce risk (if applicable).

For some more information on the AST London Gate Maintenance Assessment, click here.

Optimise Your Gate Maintenance with AST London

With the help of AST London, you can ensure that your automated gates are kept in their best condition at all times. We offer a number of planned and regular maintenance plans to suit your requirements and budget, so that any and all of our clients can have peace of mind.

A maintenance contract with AST London will generally include two annual maintenance visit every six months. We may recommend more visits per year depending on the traffic your automated gates see on a daily basis.
Each maintenance visit will include:

  •  A detailed maintenance report of all the necessary checks to gate construction, automation and control equipment.
  • A comprehensive force measurements test
  • A risk assessment review

The AST London Gate Maintenance process ensures that your gates comply with the latest HSE guidelines. Any adjustments and consumables required are included in the cost. If we should find that any upgrades, major repairs or replacements are required for your automated gates, we will report back to you with the appropriate recommendations. You can read more about AST London’s annual maintenance plans here.

To discuss your automated gates installation and gate maintenance needs, you can contact us today and we will get back to you promptly. Gate maintenance saves lives – stay ahead of the curve and avoid unnecessary costs and accidents with AST London.