Every home should have security, but large housing associations require a little more work to make them safe. After all, many of them house hundreds of residents, making building security harder all around. Fortunately, AST London allow better security for large housing associations through access control.

What are Access Control Systems?

Access control restricts who is allowed in a certain building using means such as codes, locks, and badges. For housing associations, this is invaluable, as it provides safety to those who live in the building – read on to find out how.

It Repels Crime

Crime usually happens in easy circumstances. For example, if a building appears easy to access, burglars are more likely to attempt a break-in. By using access control, the building becomes much more difficult to access, repelling those who wish to steal.

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It Only Allows Approved Access

One of the safety issues people face living in large housing associations is that many non-residents have access to their building. By limiting this access, however, residents feel much safer knowing that only approved visitors and fellow residents are in the building.

It’s simple, really – the fewer people allowed in the building, the safer the building becomes. It cuts down on random people walking in who aren’t invited, which can be quite scary for residents, even if the intruder has no ill intent.

There is Support When Necessary

If something goes wrong with the building, the company that runs the access control can be contacted to see what is going on. This support will give the residents peace of mind, as it is an extra layer of security on their building.

There is a Record of Visitors

People generally behave better when security systems are present – especially if there is a camera nearby. With access control systems, a large housing association can keep a record of everyone who has visited there.

Not only will a record prevent bad behaviour, but it will also help cases where crime has been committed. Knowing who was in and out of the building provides crucial information in cases like these.

They Can Eliminate Use of Keys

There are access control systems that don’t require residents to own keys. While this may seem counter-intuitive, it actually provides a much safer space. Keys come with their problems – they can be lost and stolen easily, leaving a resident locked out of their home and at risk of a break-in. When there are thousands of residents in a building, the chances of a lost key increases, making access control without keys a much wiser decision.

Use Access Control from AST for a Safer Housing Association

Provide a safer space for thousands of residents by using AST London’s access control systems. After all, when it comes to a home, safety is the ultimate priority. Get in touch with AST London today to secure your large housing association.

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