Business security is essential, no matter the size of your business. There are some key changes that may need to be made depending on the size of your facility, however, and it’s always important to understand exactly what your specific site requires for maximum protection.

As AST London, we understand business security on any scale, and our guide is here to help.

How does Large and Small Business Security Differ?

Here are just some of the ways facility security can differ between large and small businesses. To find more information on business security, visit our blog page.

Door Entry Monitoring

One big difference between large or small businesses is the amount of foot traffic to your site. Large businesses could see hundreds of employees, visitors, and deliveries throughout the day, whereas a small business may only have a few employees. Door entry systems can, therefore, be crucial for larger businesses to better control who is moving in and out of the building.

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Securing Your Premises from Theft

While any size business is, of course, at risk of theft or other crime, larger businesses may be more likely to be targeted if they have a huge site — especially if this facility has a lot of goods on-site, such as a warehouse with stock.

Larger businesses may, therefore, need to invest in heavy duty doors, locks, and roller shutters to better protect their assets.

CCTV Systems

A small business may have one small building with a few employees coming in and out of one main door. A large facility, however, may have a huge site with plenty of entries, exits, and blind spots. This could be the main building, the car park, and the warehouse. CCTV systems are therefore important for large businesses to monitor all areas effectively.

Protect Your Large or Small Business with AST London

Don’t hesitate to use our contact page to find out more. We have a range of security options suited for any size business, whether it’s a full lockdown of your large corporate business or if you want a few simple and secure features for your small business.

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