Office security comes in lots of forms, many of which include utilising the latest technologies. Fortunately, tech has developed to keep buildings and businesses even safer over the years, ensuring even the most strategic hackers and intruders can’t gain access. At AST London, we help with that mission.

Why is Corporate Security Important?

Criminals often target corporate offices, as they are huge and usually in central locations. It’s crucial to keep that space safe, as the corporate office is the hub of a business. If the central office gets intruded, it sends a message of insecurity to the rest of the company – not to mention how much of a financial loss it could be. Read our blog for more on security measures, or keep reading to learn how to beef up corporate office security.

1. Use Automated Barriers

Automated barriers prevent other people from parking in the corporate parking space. The ones we install from AST London can be used with wireless intercom and key FOB access, ensuring the most modern security measures to prevent intruders and parking spot stealers. Not only will it keep the building safe, but it means staff members can park without interruption.

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2. Install Automated Doors

Automated barriers prevent intruders from taking up parking spots, but what about preventing intruders from getting inside the building? That’s where automated doors come in handy. These doors automatically open up to pre-approved visitors and staff members and can be used alongside video capabilities.


If your corporate office doesn’t yet have security cameras installed or your surveillance systems are outdated, it’s time to try the CCTV systems from AST London. CCTV captures videos from around your building, preventing intruders and helping capture them. We can provide a tailored service, so your corporate building gets CCTV where it needs it most, whether in the car park, just outside the entrance area, or inside the building.

4. Secure Letter Boxes

Secure letter boxes mean no nosy hands or bad weather gets a hold of your and your staff’s sensitive information. The boxes are solid and durable, with tight locks and nameplates to ensure the mail only gets read by the appropriate person.

5. Security Guards

Technology plays a massive role in securing a building, but some corporate offices might feel safer with a little extra bulk – in the form of a security guard. Having a security guard stationed out front working in unison with your security systems means you have an office building wholly protected from intruders.

Keep Your Corporate Offices Secure with AST London

No business should suffer a burglary or intrusion. To keep the office, supplies, and staff as safe as possible, use the high-quality, robust security systems we have here at AST London. Also, visit our contact page if you have questions about the products or installations.

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