The safety of students and staff is of utmost importance in schools. Here at AST London we offer a broad range of school security systems that will keep your campus buildings and everyone in them protected from concerns such as unauthorised entry, vandalism and theft.

The Importance of School Security

The number one reason to invest in effective security solutions for schools is of course to protect the pupils, teachers, and other employees who work on site. However, this isn’t the only objective.

You also have the safety of the buildings themselves to consider, as well as the existence of documents and digital assets that contain personal data which needs to be kept confidential. Lastly, having strong school security will ensure that your educational institution has a good reputation among parents and other key stakeholders.

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1. Install Access Control Systems

Having a door entry and access control system is one of the most effective ways to monitor and control who can enter (and leave) different parts of the campus. This helps you to keep your students in and ensure strangers stay out. It can also be useful to restrict access to certain rooms or other areas within the school, such as staff rooms or storage areas.

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2. Fit CCTV Cameras

Having CCTV cameras around the campus improves school security in several ways. It enables you to keep an eye on pupils, while also deterring people from trespassing, stealing, or vandalising your property. Plus, if you do suffer any theft or vandalism, you’ll have evidence to help the police track down the perpetrator. Be sure to place the cameras where they can cover all entry and exit points and make them easily visible but hard to reach.

3. Use Automated Gates

Installing automatic gates and barriers around your school helps you to control access to the campus as a whole. You can have both pedestrian gates and vehicle gates, and they can be constructed from various different materials to suit your needs. Such gates are particularly useful for keeping the grounds secure overnight. Remember to have them serviced regularly to ensure there are no problems with your school security.

4. Put Up Railings

If your school campus is quite open, installing railings, fencing or other types of barriers around the perimeter can help to keep pupils and staff safe from vehicles and other dangers. Such balustrades are especially useful for protecting students when they’re outside playing or eating lunch. Be sure to consider this option for campuses that are located near main roads or that have a car park on site.

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