Digital notice boards have become part of our everyday life, and at AST we provide digital notice boards for all kinds of situations.

You may have a commercial business or property, and you need to get information out to a lot of people easily, or you may want a digital notice board for communal areas of residential complexes. This might be to keep residents informed on local events, security issues, or any other information e.g a scheduled lift repair.

Why Use Digital Notice Boards

The world is now used to viewing information on a screen and investing in digital noticeboards, from digital spaces at big events to static building boards, and even moveable boards. So now is the time to open up to the digital revolution with AST Digital noticeboards. For more information on digital practices, take a look at our blog.

How to Use A Digital Noticeboard

There is an endless list of reasons to use a digital notice board, but the more innovative uses are usually the ones that get more interactions.

Consider your digital noticeboard like a static paperboard, in that you can get short, sharp, and sensible messaging across. The difference is that digital noticeboards allow you to easily post information without visiting site, saving time and money.

A great example is the changeable rules surrounding the pandemic. Digital noticeboards can be a great way to keep people updated with what you are doing to help and what your particular rules are.

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Digital Security Benefits

The digital noticeboards that AST provides are vandal-resistant, allowing for your information to be continuously broadcasted with the knowledge that damage and vandalism will be rare.

Digital noticeboards are a great security feature for communal areas, especially for providing quick information for residents or employees in a communal area. This information could extend to things such as warnings (local thefts, wanted posters, suspicious emails, etc.) or to share information on local changes such as a change of opening hours or changing the way visitors are allowed into the building.

Invest In Digital Today

Call the AST team today or use our contact form to find out how a digital notice board could benefit your business or communal building, and how they can increase on-site security.

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