Whatever sector you operate within, your business faces ongoing security threats. From construction to retail, agriculture to transportation, if you don’t take your business security seriously, you leave yourself vulnerable to crime.

Fortunately, it is never too late to update your security systems and make your buildings safer for everyone who uses them.

Here at AST London, we are committed to helping businesses stay safe, which is why we are sharing our tips to improve security for 2022 with you.

Why Business Security Matters

Crime against businesses is at an all-time high, with criminals developing more sophisticated ways to unlawfully enter your business daily. Even if your business has not been a victim of crime yet, that doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future. Find out below how to protect your business for the year ahead.

1. Look At Your CCTV Footage

How often do you actually check your CCTV footage? By simply checking what your remote monitoring station receives, you can gain useful insights into how you can improve your overall security and meet your security objectives.

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2. Consider Sector Specific Risks

The perfect security solutions for a retail business will be very different from the security needed for a farm, so you need to think carefully about what risks you face.

Are you worried about vandalism? Or perhaps shoplifters are your main concern? Whatever it is, make sure you tailor your security solutions to your business.

3. Consider Automated Gates

Many commercial buildings can benefit from installing automated gates, which provide a high level of security for your business. Acting as a deterrent as well as making it harder for criminals to gain access to your site, automated gates also provide enhanced privacy.

4. Install An Access Control System

Do you want to be in complete control over who comes into and leaves your building? If yes, then an access control system is the perfect security solution for you. Whether you want a simple system or a biometric fingerprint reader, there are access control systems to suit all businesses and all budgets.

Upgrade Your Business Security With AST London

Safeguard your business and everyone within it with our innovative security solutions for businesses. Get in touch here for more information.

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