The places in which we live, work and learn are often more vulnerable than one might think, and as such require more sophisticated access control and surveillance systems to properly secure them. Trained experts from AST London hand pick security technology specifically for your establishment needs to maximise your investment and peace of mind. Not only does a surveillance system allow you to keep a close eye on the property and identify criminals when a crime is attempted, it also deters further crime attempts. But, this solution is only as successful as its CCTV maintenance plan! AST London have comprehensive CCTV systems and CCTV maintenance plans to keep you and your premises secure all year-round.

AST London’s CCTV Systems

AST London provide a range of CCTV systems that we tailor to meet your specific needs, from the number of cameras to the sophistication of the network of digital recorders. With your individual requirements in mind, we consider your current setup and work out the potential thereof before we fit High Definition CCTV systems, using either TVI or IP platforms to produce brilliantly clear images.

From residential to commercial buildings, AST London is committed to protecting your property from potential threats.

Preventative Maintenance is Better Than Reactive Cure

We highly recommend a preventative CCTV maintenance package for you and your premises in order to regularly focus and tune up your CCTV systems and keep your security technology in mint condition. Avoid only finding out your CCTV is not working when you need vital footage of a incident!

Risk is greatly minimised with regular checks, as devices are tuned up rather than left to break or fall into disrepair over the years. Even a momentary lapse in your security could potentially invite unwanted guests or issues. CCTV maintenance further increases the lifespan of your surveillance system thus ensuring that your investment is maximised. Residential and commercial security technology is therefore more secure, longer-lasting and less expensive in the long-term when proper CCTV maintenance is employed on a regular basis.

How an AST London CCTV Maintenance Plan Can Secure Your Premises

AST London offers comprehensive annual CCTV maintenance plans starting from as little as £299 per year. The Annual Preventative Maintenance package consists of two scheduled maintenance checks per year and includes:

  • Digital video recorders are checked and correct login details or time and date are ensured
  • The monitor is checked along with its cable and power supply to ensure no faults
  • All CCTV systems and cameras are checked, cleaned as required, adjusted if need be and have their cables checked to maximise their performance
  • Correct CCTV warning signage is in place to comply with Data Protection
  • AST can also offer remote diagnostics of email alerts if cameras go down if the Recorder is connected to broadband
  • AST can even provide broadband or connect to your own service for remote monitoring of your CCTV system
  • We can also ensure relevant CCTV Logbooks are on site and updated to comply with Data Protection

You can find further details concerning AST London’s maintenance plans by following this link to our website!

AST London praise the benefits of preventative maintenance particularly when it comes to security technology. Keep your CCTV maintenance up to date with a comprehensive, scheduled maintenance plan to ensure that your property is protected all around the clock. No one’s CCTV systems are invincible against tampering, inclement weather, electrical issues and general wear and tear but with routine planned maintenance these risks are minimised.

Contact us at AST London to bring your security technology back up to standard and ensure your protection for the future. Contact AST today!