Few can argue that safety of London’s many schools and those who attend them is a top priority for the city. Parents want to rest assured that their children are safe and sound when within the boundaries of their school, and it’s easy to understand why.

Since 2006, AST London and our partners have been securing areas of London and its surrounding counties. We specialise in door entry and gate automation, and this allowed us to deliver world-class security solutions to the Deutsche School in London. See what we did for them here:


The Deutsche School in question is located on Petersham Road, Richmond, on the River Thames. The establishment includes a kindergarten, a pre-school, and elementary school, as well as middle and upper schools. The establishment was founded in 1971, and boasts an average student compliment of around 850.

The main security issues faced by the Deutsche School was that the site was too open and exposed to the public. All of the existing pedestrian thoroughfares had no access control, allowing anyone to enter the school premises at any given time. A number of the existing gates at the entrances to the grounds were old and ineffective and additional gates were needed to be installed in other areas of the School grounds to add additional security.  New Gates had to also match existing gates to ensure conformity to the sites’ historical listing. The outside eating area to the Cafeteria was completely open and needed to be enclosed for the safety of the children.

Security Solutions from AST

Paxton Net2 Access Control

Our dedicated AST London security practitioners supplied and installed the Paxton Net2 Access Control System, with four integrated Biometric and Proximity Card Readers (for visitors). The four fingerprint scanners situated at key locations are managed by a central computer system that stores biometric data for both staff and students. Fingerprint readers award access to those registered with the Paxton Net2 system, and proximity cards can be given to visitors.

New Pedestrian Gates

Wrought Iron and bespoke pedestrian gates were manufactured and installed at key locations on the Deutsche School grounds. These security gates promote strict access control with green exit buttons located within the grounds for students and staff to exit the premises, and biometric fingerprint scanners on the outside of the gates controlling entry.

Perimeter Fencing

The safety of the students when taking lunch outside the cafeteria was a serious concern for the Deutsche School administration. We sprang into action and manufactured strong palisade fencing that we installed along the perimeter of the outer cafeteria grounds. Many staff members and visitors park their cars in the area, and the erection of fencing formed an additional safety barrier between the children and vehicles nearby.

Additional Works

When the Deutsche School expanded in 2017 and built a new Sports Centre they made sure they involved AST to secure the new building. Access control in the form of biometric fingerprint readers have been installed throughout the Sports Centre to allow the secure movement of Pupils and staff in and around the building.  The 4 new biometric readers are also linked to the existing Paxton Net2 system to allow easy management of access through the Sports Centre.

Paxton Net 2 Door Entry

To allow visitors to the Sports Centre AST supplied and installed Paxton Net 2 Video Door Entry Panel to the main entrance door of the Centre. 3x video handsets have been installed within the building allowing Staff view who is at the door before allowing them to enter the Centre.

Automated Vehicle Gate

The next phase of the schools construction works will be a Automed Vehicle Gate which will provide a safe a secure access point for vehicles accessing the school with Access Control and Door Entry. AST have been chosen to supply and install these gates to ensure seamless integration with the rest of the schools Access Control system and also the fact that AST are longstanding members of the Door Hardware Federations Powered Gate group gave added peace of mind that the new Gate would conform to all relevant directives and safety standards. Find out more here about Automatic Gates from AST.

Annual Preventative Maintenance

AST London proposed that the entire Deutsche School London security system be maintained to ensure the consistent and effective securing of the establishment all year long.

Door Entry and Gate Automation in London

The staff and students of the Deutsche School in London are now able to go about their duties within the premises without having to concern themselves over the unwarranted access of outsiders. AST London is proud to have partnered with various organisations to make this effective security solution possible, and we hope to enjoy a long-standing relationship with the Deutsche School. For more information on how we are able to improve London security, get in touch with us right here.