When it comes to securing London’s many Private Residential Estates, our dedicated team of AST London security professionals know what it takes to keep families safe in their homes. We are specialists in door entry systems and gate automation, and we’ve been completing contracted security work in London, as well as the surrounding Home Counties, since 2006.

With years of experience in the UK security industry, and our unique understanding of the security solutions best suited for specific residential and commercial climates, we know exactly what security systems work within the social housing and private estate environment. AST London secured the Elton Close Private Residential Estate with a holistic security solution, the particulars of which are detailed below:


Elton Close – situated in Teddington, West London – is a five-block Private Residential Estate that is home to hundreds of Londoners. The development boasts a total of 68 apartments, ample parking spaces and lock-up garages.

The two biggest security issues faced by the Elton Close Residents Association before AST London stepped in were: no access control of people to the residential buildings as the original main communal entrance doors did not have any form of locking on them, and then later, due to additional residential developments in the adjacent streets, unauthorised parking of non-residents on the premises started to become a problem.

Both of the above are serious security risks and cause for major frustration in any residential estate contexts, and our dedicated AST London team of security personnel sprang into action with security solutions for the Elton Close estate.

Security Solutions from AST

Heavy Duty Aluminium Doors
As part of our efforts to better secure the homes of Elton Close, we manufactured five heavy duty aluminium doors for various communal entrances. Our AST London doors have a strong reputation for being able to withstand some of the most challenging environments, and the intelligent design incorporates secure locking mechanisms and anti-finger trap hinges.

The Elton Close aluminium communal doors were installed in February 2012, featuring 10.8mm laminated anti-bandit safety glass, rendering them more aesthetically pleasing than their solid aluminium counterparts. These security doors are highly durable and have been integrated with a comprehensive access control security system.

Door Entry System
The comings and goings of residents is managed through the use of a fob-based, GSM intercom door entry system manufactured by Intratone and installed by AST in February 2012. AST London managed the entire process, from contacting residents to book convenient installation times through to providing training on the door entry system.

Visitors enter a flat number on the keypad situated at the entrance, and the automated door entry system calls the unit’s landline telephone. Should nobody answer the landline, the system will divert the call to the tenant’s mobile phone. Once answered, and should the resident wish to grant the visitor access to the building, the main door can be opened remotely simply by pushing a button on the smart phone.

Automated Barriers
Using an Intratone access control system, AST London was able to solve the illegal parking issue at Elton Close by installing an automated barrier at the entrance to the premises in November of 2012. These automated security systems provide safe and secure access control capabilities for residential housing and commercial buildings, preventing unauthorised parking by non-residents.

AST ensured that the new barrier and additional Door Entry panel with keyfob reader were easily integrated with the rest of the system – thanks to the forethought of initially installing a system that could easily be expanded. All residents’ key fobs automatically worked on the system, and AST manages any new fobs that need to be distributed. In total, the Elton Close security system has been in operation for over six years, with minimal ongoing costs bar the maintenance plan.

Preventative Maintenance Plan

Elton Close benefits from our Preventative Maintenance Plan, an after-sales service that sees our AST London security professionals coming to the site twice a year (once every six months) to check the entire security system. This method has proven to prevent any breakdowns between preventative maintenance visits, ensuring the ongoing effective securing of the Elton Close Private Residential Estate.

What the Residents Think

Sylvia Junge, of the Elton Close Residents Association, shared her satisfaction with AST London’s security solutions and management thereof: “We need regular changes for new residents, fobs to be programmed and telephone numbers to be inputted. This is always dealt with speedily and efficiently. All our regular maintenance is carried out with minimum fuss, and the few occasions that we have had a problem, AST London has dealt with any issue promptly and to a high standard.”

Security Solutions in London and Surrounding Counties

Residents of the Elton Close development can sleep easily knowing that their homes are safe and secure, and AST London is proud to have worked on this project. We aim to form strong, long-term relationships with all of our clients, and we frequently act in an advisory capacity. We provide excellent service levels, delivering a ‘first time fix’ on all our service calls. For information on how we can assist you to secure your world, and further improve London security, get in touch with AST London here.