As businesses move into the new year, they must consider further measures to protect their business. What worked last year might not cut it in 2023. At AST London, we are constantly working toward developing state-of-the-art security systems that are as modern as they are robust.

Why is Security So Important?

Hackers and criminals get more sophisticated every year that goes by. To ensure your business’s premises, employees, and data are protected from those criminals, optimal security is crucial. Head to our blog page to learn more about the importance of security, or read on to discover the most popular 2023 security trends.

1. Physical Security

Many businesses focus primarily on cybersecurity. While it is an integral part of security, that doesn’t mean you should neglect physical security. Using security must-haves like CCTV cameras, secure mailboxes, and automated gates will become even more popular during 2023.

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2. Artificial Intelligence

Using AI in security has been popular for several years, but it will only become trendier in 2023. More and more businesses will use AI in their security systems to identify threats faster. For example, by using AI with CCTV, the cameras may be able to identify threats that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

3. Security Awareness

One of the biggest 2023 security trends will be security awareness throughout the business. It won’t just be the responsibility of the security and IT department – staff members across the board will be taught how to identify threats and avoid them. The prevalence of working from home means it has become more critical than ever.

Protect Your Business with AST London’s Security Systems

Protecting your business from threats should be your number one priority, as without the proper security measures you put your assets, data, and employees at risk.

Keep your business secure using the security systems we offer at AST London. We have you covered whether you need a secure mailbox installation, an automated gate, or updated CCTV cameras. Do you have questions about our systems? Contact us – our team is always happy to assist.

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