Retail crime, or crimes committed in non-residential settings, are well on the rise in London. According to this article, gun crimes are up 42 per cent in the capital – with knife crimes up by 24 per cent. Thankfully, claims of burglary both in residential and commercial settings have decreased by around 8% since 2016. Kevin Pratt, of, shares that the decrease can be attributed to improvements in home and business security. AST London looks to further decrease the incidents of residential and business burglary with effective security services. Here’s how…

Industrial Security Services

Factories and manufacturing plants are hot targets for criminals these days, with more and more brazen raids taking place on factories and manufacturing establishments each year. Industrial equipment and tools are sought after items, as they can be sold for a pretty penny with relative ease. Scrap metal, though not very valuable, is something thieves won’t pass up should they be awarded access to it.

Industrial establishments can benefit from outsourced security services by utilising both access control and automated barriers at key entry points. The installation of a night guard will ensure that there is someone on the premises when workers depart, and the implementation of scheduled patrols will allow greater generalised vigilance on the property, discouraging burglary.

Estate and Housing Association Security Services

Social housing, gated estates and blocks of flats aren’t the first choices of criminals looking to rid people of their homely belongings, but get broken into all the same. Units targeted are usually on the outskirts of the property, enabling rapid getaways. More often, it is anti-social behaviour that plagues these properties, with unwanted visitors loitering about.

The outsourced security services that estates and housing complexes can benefit from include the installation of an access control supervisor, as well as CCTV systems along the perimeter of the property. Access control capabilities allow complexes and housing estates to carefully monitor who is coming and going, and CCTV cameras set up along the perimeter will keep an eye on any and all access points criminals might use to gain access to the property.

Construction Security Services

Like the risk posed to factories and manufacturing plants, construction sites are often the targets of criminals looking to procure equipment, materials and anything else they can sell in a hurry. Construction site theft costs the industry a staggering £800 million each year, and a measly 6% of stolen construction site equipment is ever recovered.

The key to proper construction site security is vigilance and 24-hour presence, so ensuring that a security guard is present at all times will go a long way to deterring on-site burglary.

Private Residential Security Services

While burglaries might be on a current decline in London, complacent home owners are easy targets for those who still partake in burglaries. We prepare for crime waves when there is little crime, and for this reason AST London has been feverishly supplying the homes of London with professional, effective security services.

For a home truly impenetrable, consider the use of heavy aluminium or steel front and back doors. Secure your home’s entrance with the use of an automated electric gate; this negates the need for exiting your vehicle when arriving home and reduces the chance of falling victim to a hijacking.

AST London has been providing professional and highly-effective security services since 1992, delivering prompt safety and security solutions to clients in London and the South East. Get in touch with AST London for all your private and business security services today!