Do not underestimate the importance of keeping your post and confidential information private when not under your supervision. Every letter and bill dropped into your mailbox could be at risk of being compromised if you do not have secure and functional mailboxes outside your residential or commercial building. To help you protect your privacy, we at AST London have created this blog which explains our mailboxes and how they can benefit you!

Our Fire-Rated Mailboxes

The Fire-Rated Mailbox range is a highly specialised mailbox that is fitted with inward sprung letter plats and incorporates intumescent linings in the flap aperture to protect your post from fire hazards. The mailboxes are manufactures from zinc steel and can be powder-coated to a depth of 75 to 100 microns using 100% polyester powder colour from any of the RAL colour range. The fire-rated mailboxes are suitable for on-wall, in-wall, through-wall and freestanding applications to suit your needs. The mailboxes are manufactures with front delivery and either front or rear retrieval.

Specifications of the Fire-Rated Mailboxes:

  • Electro-galvanised steel
  • 10-year guarantee against complete rust
  • 100% polyester powder coated to any RAL
  • Security lock complete with 2 keys
  • Inward sprung letter flap
  • Intumescent lining

Our Communal Mailboxes

Our mailboxes are designed with the end user in mind, and we want to protect you and your post from anyone’s ulterior motives, and the weather. All of our mailboxes are suitable for internal and external use, and are all equipped with a gasket seal to guarantee water tightness and reduce noise as well.

Our communal mailboxes are fitted with stainless steel hinges and fixings to ensure durability and longevity, whilst various levels of security against the fishing of mail are on offer to suit your requirements. Each security lock is supplied with two numbered keys and Perspex nameplates so that information can be easily amended when the mailbox’s owner changes.

If you are looking to install a communal mailbox but there is not enough wall space, the wall cavity is not very deep or the mailboxes are simply required to stand alone, our freestanding range is designed to meet your requirements! Our mailboxes can be powder coated, or manufactures in anodised aluminium or stainless steel to best suit their surroundings and your taste. Various additions are also available, such as engraving, larger flaps, and grilles.

How to Benefit from Mailboxes

If you are looking to install mailboxes at your residential or commercial premises, we strongly recommend you contact a high-quality home security provider such as AST London. You can learn more about our security offerings on our blog page, to further your understanding of good security solutions and how we can help you!