Crime is common at UK schools and universities, as they may experience burglary, robbery, violence, and sexual crimes. Therefore, educational institutions have a duty to protect all students, visitors, buildings, and assets day and night, which is where AST London can help.

How to Safeguard Your Institution

Fortunately, various commercial systems are available from AST London to protect academic settings of every level. Keep reading to learn more about the best security solutions for schools and universities.

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1. CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras provide various benefits to an educational institution. For instance, AST London will install a high-definition system to provide clear footage of the premises, allowing your staff to monitor students and potential criminal activity, such as violent behaviour, theft, or trespassing.

Also, the installation of a CCTV solution alone could deter criminals from vandalising, stealing, or committing other crimes on the property. Plus, you can choose from a basic surveillance system to monitor activity or an innovative, networked digital recorder to record footage that could serve as legal evidence.

2. Access Control Systems

Access control systems are integral for school security, as they enable staff to control who enters the property while preventing students from leaving. It will provide employees and parents with peace of mind that their children are protected. Also, the innovative technology can restrict entry to various rooms, such as cleaning cupboards, staff rooms, and onsite servers.

Of course, schools and universities can fall victim to burglaries, too. A criminal might not hesitate to break into a school or university to steal computers, mobile devices, lab equipment, projectors, or other expensive assets. Therefore, an access control system can protect the premises and specific rooms to ensure it doesn’t fall victim to robbery or burglary.

3. Railings

Keep your students and staff safe by installing railings, which will serve as a secure barrier from potential crime or hazards. For example, a railing installation will prevent pupils from leaving the property when playing outside, eating lunch, or enjoying outdoor school activities.

Also, railings are crucial for university security, as they will serve as a barrier between the campus and the public, preventing unauthorised people from walking or driving onto the grounds. What’s more, the secure security solution will promote the institution in a positive light, as it will prove the university has taken steps to protect its students, staff, visitors, assets, and vehicles.

4. Roller Shutters

Roller shutters will provide peace of mind that a burglar or trespasser cannot gain access to an educational institution when closed. The robust material will deter a criminal from accessing the premises, protecting schools and universities from data theft, criminal damage, and burglary.

Contact AST London for Dependable Security Technology

Every educational institution can fall victim to various crimes, from childcare centres and nurseries to schools, colleges, and universities. Prevent the worst from happening by contacting AST London to discuss one or more security technology solutions to protect every student, employee, and visitor. There are options to suit every need, such as access control, automated gates, CCTV, or door entry systems.

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