Protecting large housing associations is a difficult task, but one made easy with a robust range of security services and products here at AST London. Here, you’ll find options to suit all budgets and needs so you can finally give your housing association the security it needs.

Top Security Solutions for Large Housing Associations

We’re passionate about security and know just how important it is to stay in the know on security threats and trends. That’s why, on top of adding these key security solutions to your property, you’ll want to check out our security blog.Ready to delve into the security features needed to protect your large housing association? Read on!


CCTV is a must-have for any housing association. We have a wide range of products that suit both indoor and outdoor use, and all are the best of the best on the market today. With a CCTV network, you’ll not only be able to spot crime and catch criminals, but you’ll also deter poor behaviour outright.

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2. Access Control

There are so many big benefits of access control systems. Requiring a special key entry system for residents ensures that only those who live in the building, and even on certain floors, can access those areas. This adds extra protection that gives everyone in your building peace of mind. Add this security across multiple sites, all from one database, to keep your access control needs centralised and easy to manage.

3. Secure Letter Boxes

Package thieves are a plague for large housing associations. If you’ve noticed an increase in unauthorised persons entering your property and taking packages, then it’s time to ramp up mail security with our secure letter box range. We offer both through-the-wall letter boxes and freestanding options to suit your property.

Secure Your Large Housing Association with AST London Today

Ready to boost security in your large housing association? From retrofitting older buildings to securing new builds, our excellent team can help. Get in touch with our experts, and we’ll help you secure your property in no time.

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